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Our first February bash is going to be one you definitely won't want
to miss. Read on for all the details...

Two of our request-friendly resident DJs, Phae and London, will be on
hand this Saturday for your dancing pleasure; and they'll be joined
in the booth by one of our most popular guests, DJ Blacula.

Born in New York City, Blacula kicked off his musical career by
taking up drums at age four. By fourteen he was into electronics and
producing his own rap demos. Following his graduation from VCU, he
notes that he spent "5 years touring, producing and meeting hip-hop
labels to no avail." After discovering our music scene, he produced
a couple of independent goth records (most recently "Bitter and
Jaded" in 2002. A Midnight regular who continues to do gigs as a
drummer, Blacula turned his hand to DJing last year. Since his debut
at Midnight, he's spun at other clubs such as Bound and Tomb, too.
Come see for yourself why his sets are such a hit!

Over in the club's vending section you'll find two excellent ones:

* Slyx Fashions ( offers an excellent line of latex
rubber clothing in gothic, fetish, and contemporary styles. Whether
off-the-rack or special-ordered, his creations could be used to
illustrate the words "high quality"; and they're very reasonably
priced as well! In addition, Slyx sells several styles of vac beds.

* There'll also be a gothic yard sale by Sondra Taylor, our former
associate promoter and one of our more stylish patrons. She's
promised to bring us a nice selection of men's and women's "designer
and upper end gothic clothing (brand labels, etc.)." She's also
rumored to be planning to wear something from Slyx while she vends.

Please take a few minutes out from dancing and drinking to look their
displays over!

As we mentioned last week, The Meeting Place's new owners have
cooperated to expand the Saturday menu to include some things such as
chicken wings and french fries that we got requests for in the past.
So if you arrive feeling, or become, hungry, be sure to check with
your bartender for a copy of the new menu (available 9:00-2:00)--
which still includes the great burgers and sandwiches TMP has been
serving as well. It also now offers Red Bull.

Come out early and you'll be eligible for some extra benefits. Our
first dozen guests each week pay no cover, there's an assortment of
free candy available on a tray near the Back Hall entrance, and TMP's
bartenders serve up a great two-for-one drinks deal between 9:00 and
10:00 p.m.

Arrive before 12:00 and you can enter our weekly drawing. Just fill
out one of the slips on our literature table, drop it in the nearby
cauldron, and you're eligible. Prizes for February 4 include CDs
from Inkubus Sukkubus, The Last Dance, B! Machine, New Order, and
Projekt Records.

Last, but hardly least, we'll have free cake around the witching hour
to help one of our longtime guests, Jennifer Fletcher, celebrate her
b'day. (H.B. to Rob as well!)

So where are you going to be this Saturday night? At some meat
market watching drunken Yuppies fall off their bar stools? Home
washing your socks? Come join your friends for another evening of
real partying!

-- Scott & the Midnight crew

Friday, February 3 -- Ascension at Club Orpheus (1003 E. Pratt
Street, Baltimore)--birthday party for Lady Kele-De, Pixie, & others;
music by DJs Chewka and Johnny Sake; drink specials

* Saturday, February 4 -- MIDNIGHT, with DJs Phae, London and guest
DJ Blacula; vending by Slyx Fashions; gothic yard sale by Sondra
Taylor; free cake to help Jenn F. celebrate her b'day; and more!

Monday, February 6 -- MIDNIGHT's DJ London spins at Tomb, at the U
Turn (11th & U Streets NW, Washington); 18+ fetish party

Wednesday, February 8 -- Cryptkicker at The Depot (1728 North Charles
Street, Baltimore); deathrock/old school/psychobilly party featuring
DJ Nekromantra and guests; free admission for 21+, $5.00 cover for 18-
20; drink specials (

* Saturday, February 11 -- MIDNIGHT, with DJs Phae, Liebchen, and
guest DJ Lost; vending by Silver Dragon Studio; free cake & more!

Sunday, February 12 -- The Groaning performs live at Jaxx
(Springfield, VA) []

Wednesday, February 22 -- IT'S NO GOOD at The Blue Room (2321 18th
Street NW, Washington), with music from Depeche Mode spun by DJs
Medusa and Strange; 21+ (

MIDNIGHT at The Meeting Place, 1707 L Street NW, Washington, D.C.

* 9:00 p.m. to 2:45 a.m. every Saturday night
* ages 18+ to dance, 21+ to drink (proper i.d. required)
* $5.00 cover, first 12 guests admitted free
* full bar, with two-for-one drinks from 9:00 to 10:00 p.m., drink
specials, a late-night menu (burgers, sandwiches, and--new!--chicken
wings and fries), bottled water and Red Bull available
* giveaways weekly (including CDs from Inkubus Sukkubus, The Last
Dance, and B! Machine this Saturday)

By the freaks, for the freaks!
For more info, contact:

MIDNIGHT Set List -- January 28, 2006
(this should be posted shortly on our website,
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