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A Fetish Wine & Cheese UPDATE: Striptease?

Two notables added to the agenda for tonight's party celebrating 10 years of Larry Bradby's fetish photography...

1) Bonus DJ:
Joining DJs Paura and Froelke at the DJ table will be none other than...

DJ London - Midnight, Midian, Tomb, Zero Elysium (etc.)

A goth/industrial Dj by night and a Fetish model, and makeup artist by day... how can you go wrong?!

2) Striptease?:
Right, so I'm told that one of the lovely ladies that Larry has enlisted for hostess/serving duties tonight is an exotic dancer by trade... who might be willing to put on a show for us. While I can't guarantee anything, I'd still recommend bringing some tip money just to be on the safe side. Should be fun!

Hope to see you at the party tonight (starting at 8pm)!

Ryan @ Strangeland
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