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MIDNIGHT, May 10 update--3rd vendor (No Human Intentions) & more added...

Due to a communications problem (urgh!), we accidentally omitted mention in this week's Midnight mailing of a third top-notch vendor we've got booked for Saturday, No Human Intentions (http://stores.ebay.com/NO-HUMAN-INTENTIONS). If you shop with Dementia Clothing, you may already have seen some of their wares. NHI promises to bring us some impressive "uv reactive syringe jewelry, cyber goggles, masks, steampunk jewelry" and their own design of garter wallets.

At some point when you're not on the floor, ogling the bellydancers and their snakes, or enjoying The Meeting Place's drink deals, please be sure to stop by NHI's tables and welcome this first-time Midnight vendor on board!
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